DeTect has developed a good unique drone/small UAV discovery and safety remedy, DroneWatcher, consisting regarding three systems that can easily operate separately or maybe together to offer full, multi-layer security:

DroneWatcherAPP employs enhanced signals intelligence technology to be able to turn a great Android cell phone or tablet into a good jingle and small UAV finder that detects, tracks and records information with ~95% regarding consumer and even prosumer drones with the range of up to .25 – 1/2 distance. Typically the APP also details information as well as the bum variety, ID and other information to use to document incursions and even support pressure and prosecution by way of nearby law enforcement. Many products using the APP can make a crowd sourced network intended for wide area coverage plus diagnosis with real-time internet based situational awareness displays and automatic warning of bum incursions via visual together with audible alerts and written text messaging. The free SOFTWARE is available on Search engines Play. See Drone radar detector .

DroneWatcherRF is definitely capable to detect above 95% of the commercially-available, customer in addition to prosumer drones out there out and about to 1-2 miles providing detailed information including drone type, ID and additional information. The DroneWatcher RF can be a compact, unobtrusive electric power container that is fitted around the border involving a facility with no more than nominal power and community requirements (self-contained solar and even cellular versions are available). New drone signatures are usually continually being added for you to DeTect’s DroneWatcherRF identification data source. DroneWatcher RF also includes DeTect’s proprietary drone interdiction and even inception functionality.

HARRIER DSR (drone surveillance radar) can be primary surveillance adnger zone developed specifically for discovery and following of smaller, low soaring, non-cooperative focuses on in substantial clutter settings. DSR is able to detect and even track small consumer, prosumer and armed service cooperative plus non-cooperative drones within range of sight including more time ranges out to 2+ a long way with a lengthier array for larger UAVs. The HARRIER DSR registers and tracks uncontrolled, designed drones flying on autopilot that are not noticeable by way of DroneWatcher APP in addition to RF and interfaces together with some sort of wide range connected with ancillary receptors including online video and Find third party interception technologies.