Blogging stage LiveJournal seems to have endured security penetrate in 2014, as indicated by numerous programmers who are presently selling and openly exchanging the organization’s client database on the dark web and on hacking gatherings, ZDNet has learned.

For a few, this may be old news. Gossipy tidbits about a LiveJournal security penetrate have been coursing on the web for right around two years. The most punctual talks showed up in October 2018 when different clients detailed accepting their novel/old LiveJournal passwords as a major aspect of sextortion email spam crusades.

While a penetrate was never affirmed at that point, gossipy tidbits didn’t stop either. For as far back as months, DreamWidth, a blogging stage forked from the old LiveJournal codebase has additionally been under ambush.

In a progression of blog entries and tweets distributed over the previous weeks, DreamWidth says it has been focused on different certification stuffing assaults. The organization says programmers utilized old LiveJournal username and secret word blends to break DreamWidth accounts – since the two stages share the equivalent codebase and clients – and post spam messages on its site.

In any case, despite all the proof supporting the way that programmers have accessed an enormous number of LiveJournal qualifications, the Rambler Group, the organization which claims LiveJournal, has declined to officially recognize a penetrate in its past interchanges with DreamWidth directors.

In any case, prior today, these bits of gossip seem to have been affirmed when the Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) information break ordering administration reported that it got a duplicate of the LiveJournal client database and listed it on its website.

As per HIBP, the information contained the usernames, messages, and plaintext passwords of 26,372,781 LiveJournal clients.


With the assistance of danger insight firm KELA, ZDNet has affirmed the presence of the LiveJournal taken database and has found duplicates and notices of client information in numerous areas over the hacking underground. What Everyone Must Know About dark web sites

First of all, we distinguished various advertisements posted by information representatives. In these advertisements, programmers were selling or ready to purchase the LiveJournal database. The advertisements, some returning for a considerable length of time, recommend that numerous danger on-screen characters were a lot of mindful of the taken LiveJournal information, in spite of the organization neglecting to distinguish the 2014 security break.

From these advertisements, apparently after the 2014 interruption, programmers exchanged the LiveJournal information private, with the client database clearing its path through the hands of a few danger entertainers, for example, spam gatherings and savage compelling botnets.

Be that as it may, as the information got exchanged, again and again, it additionally released on the web. The main notice that the LiveJournal database turned out to be comprehensively accessible was in July 2019, when now-outdated information break ordering administration WeLeakInfo declared it got a duplicate of the LiveJournal database, which is added to its administration.

As time passed by, the information likewise turned out to be all the more comprehensively accessible. Late sightings remember an advertisement for a dark web commercial center, where the LiveJournal database was recorded available to be purchased at a modest cost of $35. (Advertisement says 33 million records, however, in the wake of evacuating copies, the information is just 26.3 million records.)

Be that as it may, the information didn’t stay available to be purchased for long. Days in the wake of being made accessible on the dark web, the equivalent LiveJournal database was likewise shared on a notable hacking gathering, from where it started very quickly extensively flowing as a free download on Telegram stations and document sharing entrances.

At present, the DreamWidth stage is as yet experiencing certification stuffing assaults utilizing old LiveJournal accreditations, yet the organization is turning out updates. Be that as it may, the hazard isn’t restricted to DreamWidth accounts. It’s simply increasingly noticeable in light of the fact that the two stages have a common history.

Clients who utilized their old LiveJournal usernames and passwords on different locales are likewise in danger of having their records seized following qualification stuffing assaults.

dark web sites LiveJournal clients can visit the HIBP gateway and check if their accreditations have been remembered for the information trove taken by programmers in 2014.

Clients who changed their LiveJournal secret word since 2014 are no doubt safe. Nonetheless, clients are educated to change the passwords with respect to other online records where they re-utilized their old LiveJournal certifications.

Regardless of whether the LiveJournal database is old, has flowed in private, and has been manhandled for a considerable length of time, this doesn’t mean clients should slack on their own security.

Drawn nearer for input, the Rambler Group has given the accompanying proclamation following Have I Been Pwned ordering a duplicate of what’s asserted to be its old 2014 client database. In actuality, the organization has denied that programmers had accessed its frameworks and that the information was only incorporated over the years from various sources, for example, malware contaminations (taken from clients’ programs) or beast power assaults (programmers speculated the passwords of LiveJournal clients).

We continually keep up checking and endeavor to guarantee that our clients have a sense of security and ensured as could be expected under the circumstances. We broke down information that showed up and can say that the information might be arranged utilizing various sources and for the most part distorted.

We experienced instances of savage power assaults in 2011-2012. We have executed a dubious movement framework to track and square dubious logins from that point forward, and have improved our secret phrase stockpiling mechanics. We have built up the entirety of the vital conventions for unapproved account utilization endeavors.

We alert our clients normally to the need of refreshing their secret word. We have handicapped passwords that were not refreshed for an all-inclusive timeframe. Clients encountering inconveniences getting to their records can present a help solicitation to get help.

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